First Prize Tokyo Kenchiku Collection 2022

We are pleased to announce that the "bamboo marché" won the first prize in the Project Exhibition of Tokyo Kenchiku Collection 2022. This is the official announcement: (only in Japanese):

This pavilion is a collaboration between Studiolab at Keio University, Toki Lab at the University of Shiga Prefecture, and Okazaki Lab at the Shibaura Institute of Technology. It is one of the projects that we have been carrying out in Minamiashigara (Kanagawa prefecture). We used  bamboo to create a light weight structure that can be built in short periods of time to perform different events with the residents. Bamboo is abundant in the local forest, but most of them are not maintained anymore and have been left in a state of abandonment. We hope to trigger new ideas on how to use bamboo, a traditional material that has been neglected nowadays.  

According to the organizers, the selection was based on a two-step screening. The first screening was realized by professionals from the sponsoring companies, including major contractors (such as Obayashi or Takenaka), and corporate design offices  (such as Nikken-sekkei or Nihon-sekkei) Obayashi, Takenaka. Ten works were preselected and exhibited in March 2021 at Tokyo’s Hillside Terrace. The final selection was realized by popular vote among the visitors of the exhibition. We thank the visitor’s interest, who granted us a total of 87 votes and the first place award. 

Also, we appreciate the guidance and cooperation of everyone who participated in the process, especially the local city hall and the residents of Minami Ashigara. You can find a video of the August 29th conducted with this structure here:

We hope that our collaboration with the residents will bear much more fruit in the future. Please stay tuned for future events and news!

この度、「東京建築コレクション2022」プロジェクト展において、「Bamboo marché」が最優秀賞を受賞しました。以下のサイトが公式ホームページでの発表になります(日本語のみ)。





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