Lecture by Jorge Almazán hosted by Lakeland University

You can check now on our YouTube channel Prof. Almazán's latest lecture on Tokyo's emergent urbanism, hosted by Lakeland University Japan on October 13. We hope you find it interesting!

Tokyo is one of the most vibrant and livable cities, a megacity that somehow remains intimate and adaptative. But how does Tokyo successfully balance massive growth and local communal life? We can answer this question by delving into Tokyo's most distinctive urban spaces, from iconic neon nightlife to tranquil neighborhood backstreets. Tokyo, at its best, offers a new vision for a human-scale urban ecosystem, where ordinary residents can shape their own environment in ways large and small, and communities take on a life of their own beyond government master planning and corporate profit-seeking. This lectue will uncover how five key features of Tokyo's cityscape- yokochō alleyways, multi-tenant zakkyo buildings, undertrack infills, flowing ankyo streets, and dense low-rise neighborhoods enable this "emergent" urbanism, allowing the city to organize itself from the bottom up. This video is for educational purposes only. The rights of the images belong to their respective authors. The expressed opinions belong exclusively to the corresponding author.

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